About Igal Ahouvi Art Collection

Igal Ahouvi Art Collection is a meticulously curated private art collection of significant scope. The collection includes artwork with both the gravitas of established talent and the originality of emerging figures in the contemporary art scene. Igal Ahouvi has transformed his passion for art into an internationally respected collection housed in London and Tel Aviv.

From the outset, Igal Ahouvi Art Collection has made every acquisition with thoughtful consideration, selecting artworks that are intellectually and emotionally challenging while concurrently contemplating the contemporary discourse. Igal Ahouvi Art Collection is international in scope yet maintains a close relationship with the dynamic contemporary art scene in Israel. The collection is home to works that include mid-century photography, installations, and mixed media. It contains exemplary works from the significant art movements that have influenced the ever-evolving art discourse from the 1960s until today.

Objectives of the Collection

Igal Ahouvi Art Collection recognizes that great art provokes and challenges us while remaining a relevant part of the evolving dialogue. The collection houses provocative pieces and has sought out artists exemplifying the trends that have emerged from contemporary art movements. The collection embraces works that have the power to offer an unvarnished reflection of our collective reality.

Nurturing Emerging Talent

Igal Ahouvi Art Collection is committed to nurturing new talent both in mission and action. From its inauguration, Igal Ahouvi Art Collection has partnered with the Fresh Paint Art Fair. As a principal sponsor, Igal Ahouvi Art Collection awarded monetary prizes (2008-2013) for the Most Promising Artist, selected by Fresh Paint’s Artists’ Greenhouse committee. Coupled with the financial award, the winning artist was also granted a solo show at the following Fresh Paint Art Fair.

The Curators

Igal Ahouvi has always understood the benefit of working in partnership with a discerning curator so as to be on the cutting edge of the discovery of new artists and interesting works. The partnership with a curator allows Ahouvi to expand his knowledge and to stay connected to the pulse of emerging trends while attending all relevant exhibitions. Ahouvi has thus expanded his collection strategically, selecting artworks that are influential, with enduring importance both culturally and artistically. Currently, the collection is under the direction of Matan Daube, who had begun working with its previous curator, the late Sarit Shapira.

The Exhibitions

Igal Ahouvi Art Collection is committed to making art accessible. To this end, it has partnered with the Genia Schreiber University Art Gallery at Tel Aviv University in a series of five consecutive exhibitions between 2014-2016. The exhibitions were a well-received way to share the collection in a beautiful space without charging an entry fee to the general public.

The Babel Trilogy

The late Sarit Shapira curated the three-part series called The Babel Trilogy, which consists of The Towering Inferno, Potent Wilderness, and Melting Walls.

The Towering Inferno examines the metaphorical questions raised by modernist towers and their commentary on our society.

Potent Wilderness is an exhibition that explores memory, delving into tragedies both personal and national and exposing experiences through the perspective of time.

Melting Walls completes the trilogy and contemplates questions around the collapse of modernity. It juxtaposes past culture alongside current and future culture.



Moshe Kupferman and Sigalit Landau are two renowned Israeli artists. The fourth exhibition brought together the two from different backgrounds and generations while creating a dialogue around a quintessentially Israeli experience—the Kibbutz. The way that the works of art are displayed together reveal how both artists reveal mechanisms of action.

Prima Facie

Prima Facie, which is the fifth exhibition and was curated by Matan Daube, was an examination of portraiture as it has evolved over half a century. This exhibition was of particular significance as today’s culture is overtly obsessed with social media and with that of the self-portrait. The exhibition introduced the viewer to portraits created by contemporary artists, unencumbered by purely functional rigors.

Looking to the Future

Igal Ahouvi Art Collection, together with its owner and skilled curator, remains actively engaged in the discovery of new voices and significant artworks. The collection believes in supporting the art community, both in Israel and internationally, by lending works to notable institutions. Several thought-provoking pieces are available to be viewed on the collection’s website.

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