Sections of Igal Ahouvi’s Art Collection – A Series of Virtual Exhibitions

Igal Ahouvi Art Collection can be examined from many angles, and common features can be singled out among the different artworks, some of which are purely unintentional. On this section, we will present various interpretations of the collection through a limited selection of works (5-10), which have been compiled into a virtual mini-exhibition. This is an opportunity for us to Illuminate the curatorial process and examining some narratives through artworks selected and purchased for a private art collection. These mini-exhibitions allow us to become better acquainted with the life force of the collection and the various thoughts that often cannot be spoken, but only presented. Matan Daube, the collection’s curator, would offer here a selection of ideas and will invites guests to curate virtual mini-exhibitions from the collection. The purpose of the exercise is to notice the different expressions that artists use to answer the similar questions arising from the artworks themselves. Comparative research is a simple tool to help one understanding the complexities that make up the collection’s DNA.

At the end of each exhibition, we would love to read your comments and thoughts. We hope that it won’t be long before the exhibition can be enjoyed in the flesh and not only in a virtual space.


In the current selection of artworks from the Igal Ahouvi Art Collection, we are focusing on less obvious aspects of our art collection, celebrities’ black

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Gadi Dagon Untitled, 2006 Black and white print 43 x 66 cm

Behind Her Back

This selection of works offers a backside view of women’s portraits. The holy trinity of portraits — the subject, the artist and the viewer —

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הירשמו לניוזלטר שלנו

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